• My Site Has Been Migrated to ByteHouse. How Do I Test Functionality Before Re-pointing DNS?
    If you've moved a website to ByteHouse from your previous host, you want to test it to see if it works before making the switchover. Your ...
  • Manage PHP settings of a domain
    Manage PHP settings of a domainPlesk 11.51. Login into plesk panel2. Click on 'Websites & Domains' tab3. Click on domain name to which PHP settings ...
  • Manually Connect Outlook 2003/2007 To My Exchange Mailbox
    Manually Connect Outlook 2003/2007 To My Exchange MailboxTo manually connect Outlook 2003:1. Start Outlook and click 'New'2. Enter 'Profile Name' and click 'OK'3. Select 'Add ...
  • Managing Mail Queue Using qmHandle
      The mail queue in Qmail can be managed using qmHandle. The useful commands are given below: Suffix command "qmhandle" with the below parameters. Eg: qmhande -a=================================================-a ...
  • Measures to be taken to avoid spoofing
    Spoofing can be prevented by using a variety of authentication methods.(Eg: SPF record,DKIM record..)Steps for adding SPF record~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1. Log into control panel.(https://control.bytehouse.co.uk/cp/)2. Select the desired ...
  • My Emails are Bounced Due to Blacklist, What Can I Do?
    What is RBL? RBL is a short form of Real time Black ListRBL is a basically block list that mail servers uses to reject mails from ...
  • Managing Backup Using Bytevault Web Portal
    To manage backup using Bytevault Web Portal. Please follow the steps given below.1. Login to Bytevault Web Portal. (http://backup.bytehouse.co.uk) 2. Select 'File Explorer'.   3. Select the required ...
  • Magento mysql backup fails to restore
    Magento mysql backup may fail to restore with following error if mysql backup was taken using simple "mysqldump" command.   ========================================== ERROR 1005 (HY000) at line 4367: Can't ...
  • Mysql backup restoration related errors
    ************************************************************************************************************** Error ERROR 2013 (HY000) at line 4027: Lost connection to MySQL server during query   Solution Increase value of max_allowed_packet to as much as required. If the database is ...
  • MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade
    MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade1. Login to WHM.2. Search for the “Software” section on the left-hand side.3. Select "MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade". 4. Select the version of MySQL or MariaDB that ...
  • Missed Backups error from Bytevault
    Instructions to fix this backup issue is given below.1. Check & confirm that the server or PC is not in hibernation mode when the backup ...

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