• Guides to configure email accounts in various email clients for merak & plesk email hosting
      Merak Mail Enterprise Email Hosting - Email Client configuration guides   iPhone: https://kb.bytehouse.co.uk/content/13/287/en/how-do-i-configure-merak-email-account-on-iphone.htmlAndroid phone: https://kb.bytehouse.co.uk/content/13/291/en/how-to-configure-merak-mail-account-on-android-phone.htmlWindows phone: https://kb.bytehouse.co.uk/content/13/292/en/configuration-of-merak-mail-account-on-windows-phone-devices.html Thunderbird: https://kb.bytehouse.co.uk/content/13/280/en/configuring-merak-mail-account-on-thunderbird.html Outlook: https://kb.bytehouse.co.uk/content/13/288/en/how-do-i-configure-merak-email-account-on-microsoft-outlook-2007_2010.html   Plesk/cPanel/Generic Email Hosting - Email Client configuration guides iPhone: https://kb.bytehouse.co.uk/content/13/324/en/configuring-e_mail-account-on-iphone.htmlAndroid ...
  • Generate a self-signed SSL certificate - Nginx,CentOS
    Following article describes how to generate and install a self-signed SSL certificate for a domain. Requirements Bytehouse Cloud Product Basic Server Setup Nginx Self signed SSL As the name indicates, they ...

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