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  • Dedicated Servers: Steps to Block IP Address From Plesk (For VPS and Dedicated Server)
    Answer: If you want to block your IP address from Plesk for a Virtual Private server and/or dedicated server make sure to choose the right Plesk ...
  • Web Hosting: Steps for accessing the server via SSH
    Answer: From Linux machine~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1. Open terminal.2. Execute the command "ssh <username>@<ip address>".Eg: ssh adminuser@x.x.x.x3. Enter the password for the user.4. Execute the command 'sudo su - ...
  • Web Hosting: Steps to connect Outlook 2011 or Microsoft Entourage 2008 EWS the Exchange Server
    Answer: Please follow instructions below to configure Exchange account in Outlook 2011 for MAC. Open Outlook and navigate to Tools > Accounts In the Accounts window, click the ...
  • Web Hosting: Steps to force logoff a user from the server
    Answer: 1) Login to the server as administrator, click 'Start' menu and search for 'Windows Task Manager' 2) In 'Windows Task Manager' Click 'Users' tab to see ...
  • ByteVault: Nginx – A Supplementary High-Performance Web Server
    Answer: Nginx works with apache to improve website performance and is a front end web server. When working together, apache will be assigned to another port to ...
  • Web Hosting: Guides to configure email accounts in various email clients for merak & plesk email hosting
    Answer:   Merak Mail Enterprise Email Hosting - Email Client configuration guides   iPhone: phone: phone: Thunderbird: Outlook:   Plesk/cPanel/Generic Email Hosting - Email Client configuration guides iPhone: ...
  • Cloud VPS Servers: How to install modules for PHP, Ruby, and Perl via WHM.
    Answer: Install modules for PHP, Ruby, and Perl via WHM.   Module Installers feature present in WHM helps to install modules for PHP, Ruby, and Perl.   Please follow the ...
  • WHM & cPanel: How to edit DNS zone records from WHM
    Answer: How to edit DNS zone records from WHM 1. Login to WHM2. Search for DNS in left-search box. 3. Click 'Edit DNS zone' from the search results. 4. ...
  • Bytehouse ClientArea: How to purchase an SSL from bytehouse client area
    Answer: Steps to purchase an ssl from bytehouse client area1. Login to the WHMCS.( 2. Under the "Services" tab click on "Order new services". 3. Select the package ...
  • WHM & cPanel: How to setup a Redirect in cpanel
    Answer: How to Setup a Redirect in cpanel1. Login to cPanel. 2. Under the "domains" section select the "Redirects". 3. Choose the type of redirect you would like ...

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