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  • Web Hosting: How to connect Microsoft Outlook Express to POP/IMAP Email for Exchange Accounts
    Answer: How to connect Microsoft Outlook Express to POP/IMAP Email for Exchange AccountsBelow detailed instructions are listed on how to connect to POP/IMAP Email for Outlook ...
  • Cloud VPS Servers: Steps to Configure Additional Port for SMTP Connections on Postfix
    Answer: If you are looking to configure an additional port for SMTP connections on Postfix, here are the steps you should follow:  The following process applies to ...
  • Cloud VPS Servers: Steps to Access a Windows Server via Remote Desktop
    Answer: Steps to access a windows server via RDP1. Login to the windows machine.2. Click 'Start' button and type 'Remote Desktop' in the search box. The ...
  • Domain Names (incl. Registration + Transfers): How to find the name servers of a domain
    Answer: Type the below  commandin terminal:   whois <domain name>   OR   Search the name servers for the domain in the below link:   ...
  • Web Hosting: How to Set Up Firewall Rules in Plesk
    Answer: How to Set Up Firewall Rules in Plesk1. Login to plesk panel2. Select 'Extensions' Under 'Server Management' from the left menu.3. Click on 'Firewall' link.4. ...
  • Web Hosting: Steps to install packages from Plesk
    Answer: 1. Login to Plesk control panel.2. Disable the firewall or Enable the port "8447".3. Select the option "Updates and Upgrades" from "Tools and Settings".4. Select ...
  • Web Hosting: Steps to enable port from Plesk
    Answer: 1. Login to Plesk control panel.2. Select "Firewall" option from "Tools and Settings".3. Select "Edit Firewall Configuration".4. Select "Add Custom Rule" from "Tools".5. Enter the ...
  • Cloud VPS Servers: How to Fix Milter Crash Issue in Plesk
    Answer: Milter is an add-on to an SMTP server like postfix. It enables a SMTP server to use external tools like SpamAssasin, Drweb, Kaspersky etc to ...
  • Web Hosting: How to configure outlook 2003
    Answer: 1. Open Outlook 2003. If the Outlook 2003 Startup page doesn't open, do the following: > On the Tools menu, click E-Mail Accounts. > Click "Add ...
  • Web Hosting: How to configure mails in ipad/iphone?
    Answer: Please follow the steps given below to configure mail in IPAD. 1. Click on Mail icon 2. Select "Other" in the following page (If you want to ...

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