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  • Domain Names (incl. Registration + Transfers): Why I am getting bounce emails for mails I never sent
    Answer:   If you're receiving bounced (returned) emails for messages that you never sent, then this could be a case of spoofing. Spoofing is when a spammer ...
  • Web Hosting: Steps to backup and restore domain in Plesk
    Answer: Two types of backup are available depending on the location to which backup is stored : 1. Server Repository2. Personal FTP Repository Server Repository : 1. Log in ...
  • Web Hosting: Email Guidelines
    Answer: 1. Avoid creating catch all email accounts to grab emails coming to non existing email accounts. You will receive lot of spam emails in such ...
  • Web Hosting: What is plesk action log & how to use it?
    Answer: Parallels Plesk saves user actions in the internal action log stored in the Parallels Plesk database. You can get every activity record by log which ...
  • Web Hosting: How to configure mails in mac mail?
    Answer: 1. Start Mac Mail, click on the Mail button from the menu and select Preferences.2. Click on the Accounts tab from the top menu and ...
  • Cloud VPS Servers: How to configure mails in mac mail
    Answer: 1. Open Mac Mail, click on the Mail button from the menu and select Preferences. 2. Click on the Accounts tab from the top menu and ...
  • Web Hosting: My Emails are Bounced Due to Blacklist, What Can I Do?
    Answer: What is RBL? RBL is a short form of Real time Black ListRBL is a basically block list that mail servers uses to reject mails from ...
  • Web Hosting: What is the difference between POP3 and IMAP?
    Answer: POP3 and IMAP are two different protocols (methods) used to access email. Each has its own advantages. POP3 downloads email from a server to a single ...
  • Web Hosting: Root your mailbox in outlook 2013
    Answer: Outlook may not always recognize the correct folders when the IMAP mailbox is based on a “root structure” where all the other mail folders are ...
  • Web Hosting: Anti-Spam FAQ
    Answer: Here are the FAQ for Anti-Spam: 1. What is Bytehouse's anti-spam service?Spam is a menace for email accounts at the sending end and receiving end. It ...

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