How to Configure Reverse DNS


Reverse DNS can be setup from the Bytehouse control panel ( The steps to do that are mentioned below for your reference.

1) Log into your Bytehouse control panel.

2) Click on "Reverse DNS"

3) Click on 'New Record"

4) Select the Name. For example if Reverse DNS is to be setup for the IP is then select  " 


5) Leave TTL value as 600 and Type as PTR

6) Provide value as your server name if it resolves to a fully qualified domain name (if the IP has shared) or your domain name (If the IP is dedicated)

7) Click Save

8) You may perform the same step for additional entries.


For further information regarding the configuration of Reverse DNS, contact our experienced representatives at 

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2016-07-01 16:39
Sherin George
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