Setting Up a Scheduled Backup from Plesk (Backup Manager)

Steps to take when setting up a scheduled backup from Plesk (Backup manager)

1. Login to Plesk panel.
2. Click on 'Domains' on the left side of the pane and select the domain.
3. Click the 'websites and Domains' tab and select the ‘Backup Manager’.
4. Select 'Scheduled Backup Settings' and fill in the required details which include:

a. Schedule:
   i. Backup period: choose backup frequency (daily, weekly) from the drop-down list
  ii. Start back up creation at: the time at which backup process will run (choose the time you prefer)

b. Backup settings are:
    i. Add prefix to backup name: Give a name to backup (eg: backup_7jun14)
   ii. Comments: if needed
  iii. Create multivolume backup: helps to limit the file size of the backup files
   iv. Store backup in: choose Server repository (default)
    v. When backup task is completed, send notification e-mail to: when backup is created a notification will be sent to email address specified( optional)

c. Choose 'Backup Content'.
   i. domain configuration: only domain configuration is backed up
  ii. Domain configuration and content:
     a. 'All configuration and content' will take full backup of the domain.
     b. There is also options to include or exclude backup of mail configuration and content.

d. Option 'Suspend domain until backup task is completed" will allow you to suspend the domain when the backup is taken. The domain will be temporarily down till the backup process is completed.

To activate the schedule backup, select the check-box in front of 'Activate this backup task'

5. After entering the details click the 'OK' button to activate scheduled backup.

With these simple steps, setting up a scheduled backup is simple within the Plesk panel. 

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Sherin George
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