How do I transfer a or other *.uk domain name into ByteHouse?

The process for transferring a domain to Bytehouse;

1. Add the domain in your ControlCentre;

Please note that you will not be able to do this, if you do not have a web hosting account like VPS, dedicated server, Plesk shared hosting, Plesk reseller hosting etc with Bytehouse. In such a case, please contact Bytehouse Technical support for transferring the domain.

a) Login to
b) Choose "All My Domains" from top right drop down menu
c) Go to "All My Domains" tab
d) Click Add Domain
e) Select 'Use an existing domain registered elsewhere'
f) Enter domain name in box
g) Select 'Host domain in ByteHouse DNS'
h) Click Save


Important Note about DNS Hosting

  • If 'Host domain in ByteHouse DNS' is selected, you will get option to edit DNS zone from ControlCenter now.
  • Please make sure that proper DNS zone is setup with correct A record, MX record, NS record, TXT records now.
  • If you do not want to use Bytehouse DNS server for the domain, you can skip configuring DNS zone.
  • If you need assistance in configuring DNS zone, please contact Bytehouse Technical Support.
  • If the domain is not setup with proper DNS zone, domain may fail to function properly after domain transfer
  • DNS records can be edited as per the steps in the link:

2. At the current provider, change the 'IPS-TAG' for the domain to 'BYTEHOUSE'
3. Using a WHOIS service such as that provided by Nominet;

Confirm that the TAG has been updated, and once it has, proceed to the next step.

4. Submit a Trouble Ticket to Bytehouse through your ControlCentre;

Subject: Complete domain transfer to BYTEHOUSE Tag
Catagory: VPS Hosting
Priority: Low | Medium | High
Problem description:
I have changed the IPS-TAG for domain to 'BYTEHOUSE'
Please can you complete the transfer into my Bytehouse account

5. Once we have completed the process, we will notify you via your Trouble Ticket.

6. Syncronise the domain's nameservers with the registrar;

a) Login to
b) Choose "All My Domains" from top right drop down menu
c) Go to "All My Domains" tab
d) Go to
e) Go to Nameservers

f) Syncronise with registrar

The domain has now fully transferred and is now live with Bytehouse.

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