The Most Common Problems When Migrating Websites

We at ByteHouse strongly recommend that you test out any websites that have been migrated from previous providers whilst it is still in dev mode. This will reduce the risks of any issues occurring after the move that could result in a panic of fixing a live site in a hurried and pressurised manner.

After making sure that all the data, databases and emails have been successfully moved, there are some common issues that could occur in moving a website such as:

1. Contact/Enquiry Forms.

Frequently contact/enquiry forms would use custom components that do not exist within the new server. Mail scripts also may specify a mail server for SMTP that will not work on the new host.

2. PHP and Associated Module Version Differences.

To ensure that your PHP runs correctly, ByteHouse recommends that you identify the prerequisites of your site, with a simple PHP info script that will provide the engineers at ByteHouse to deploy a system that is capable of running your existing service.

3. Permission Issues.

Lost functionality can occur if the websites are migrated by FTP where any custom permissions will be missing. To ensure that all of your settings and permissions are carried over; a Plesk migration should be used.

At ByteHouse, we offer a free migration service, where the whole process is managed from start to finish. Our engineers carry out this type of migration work on a daily basis so that the process is made as painless as possible. To have this service completed, please contact one of our ByteHouse sales representatives.

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2016-04-22 14:38
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