How to change the Registrant details of a .UK domain ?

How to change the Registrant details of a .UK domain ?


Change of the Legal Registrant of a .uk domain name must be done through Nominet (the Internet registry for the .uk domain name extension).


You can do this via your online Nominet account – please go to “”.

Please note that there will be a charge of £10.00 + VAT.


Log into your Nominet account and select the Registrant Transfer tab, located under Your Domains tab. You will then be able to select the domain name(s) you wish to transfer. You will be asked to confirm the new registrant’s email address and who will be paying the transfer fee.


When you have completed these details confirmation will be sent to the new registrant. The new registrant will then have 5 days in which to agree to the transfer. If after this time the transfer has not been agreed, Nominet will issue a refund and you will need to start the process again if you still require the registrant transfer.


If the new registrant accepts the transfer, you will receive an email confirmation when they have completed the process.


Please also refer to the information given on Nominet UK’s website: “” for detailed information.


However, if you do not have a Nominet account, you will have to contact them directly. You may find the contact details in the below URL.




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