Steps to follow to Remove the Blacklisting of an IP Address


If the IP address of your domain or server is blacklisted, kindly open a ticket with our support team through your Bytehouse control centre. The support team will check whether Spamming has been occurring from your server and we will take the necessary steps to stop / fix spamming.

Furthermore, as your server may have been abused and was sending unsolicited Emails, you may still find it's IP address on blacklists. Even after spamming has stopped on your server. If you or your customers receive bounce-back messages, it will contain a link where you can tell the blacklist operator that the Spam outbreak on your server has been halted, and request that they de-list your IP address.

Once spamming ceases from your server, the IP of your server should get released from the Blacklists. Webmail service providers like Google & Yahoo will also accept mail from your server once they notice spamming has stopped from your server. This may take about 24 hours to 48 hours after the issue with spamming, has been fixed on your server.



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