How Do I Deploy WordPress in Plesk?

To integrate WordPress in Plesk, follow the steps below:  


1) Log in to Plesk with your access details to your Plesk Control Panel.



2) Go to ‘Webspaces’ tab, where you will be able to deploy a WordPress installation.

In ‘Webspaces’ you will see a list of sites hosted by your server in your hosting plan. Click on the relevant  ‘Switch to Webspace’ link to get to the controls for the website you want to deploy a WordPress installation.



3) Once on the Webspace click the ‘Applications’ tab to bring up a selection of applications that can be deployed. Search for WordPress application and click ‘Install’.



You will then be taken through the WordPress installation wizard and can deploy the software in the way that you want.


(Please note: screenshots are for Power User view, which will be different to that with Service Provider view)

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2016-04-22 14:46
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