Copying Files From Old Windows Server to New Windows Server

When it comes to copying your files from an old Windows server to a new one, there are a few steps you will need to take to complete this task. 

You are able to use a Remote Desktop session to securely copy files to a new windows server without any issues by following the steps below:

1. Login to old server using Remote Desktop connection as usual(Skip this step, if you are transferring files from your desktop)

2. From old server(From your desktop, if copying from your desktop), open "Remote Desktop Connection" tool.

3. Type IP of new server in the box next to "Computer"

4. Press Options

5. Go to the Local Resources tab.

6. Click the More button at the bottom

7. Now, expand the Drives tree by clicking the + button

8. Now, select the drive from which you wish to copy by clicking the check the box next to the drive on your old server or desktop.

9. Now, click the OK button.

10. Now, click the connect button as you usual.

11. Provide new server username and password to log on to the new server.

12. Now, click "Computer" icon in start menu of new server

13. You will now be able to see driver of old server or your desktop in "new server" with a name similar to "C on OldServerName"

14. Now, you can browse this drive named "C on OldServerName" and copy files from there as usual in GUI.

Note: In case, you wish to copy files using "Command Line", you can use following command to mirror a folder in old server to new server.

robocopy /mir \\tsclient\c\inetpub\wwwroot C:\inetpub\wwwroot > copy-from-old-log.txt

This should conclude your files being copied to a new Windows server. If you are having troubles and are unable to do it yourself, feel free to contact us at 

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