Anti-Spam FAQ

Here are the FAQ for Anti-Spam:

1. What is Bytehouse's anti-spam service?

Spam is a menace for email accounts at the sending end and receiving end. It is estimated that over 85% of emails travelling around the internet are spam emails.

Bytehouse implemented an industry leading anti-spam service to significantly reduce spamming problems.

2. Why will Bytehouse's anti-spam filtering service be enforced on all outgoing email?

All emails from Bytehouse network will be channelled & filtered through our anti-spam service. This will help to maintain the integrity & reputation of IP addresses in the Bytehouse network. Bytehouse’s anti-spam service will significantly reduce the chances that your IP address will become blacklisted and it is our intention to make blacklisting a thing of past.

3. How to use Bytehouse's anti-spam filtering service for your incoming emails?

Incoming anti-spam service is a premium feature. This allows a filtering accuracy of 99.98% of all inbound spam connections, with a market-leading 0.0001% false positive ratio.

Please contact Bytehouse support to implement incoming anti-spam service.

Once incoming anti-spam service is implemented, all emails coming to your domain will be channelled & filtered through our anti-spam service. The MX record of the domain will be changed to as primary mail server and as secondary mail server.

Customers using incoming anit-spam service should set a local SPF rule "" as shown below, if SPF spam protection is enabled in their Plesk panel. This option can be seen from Tools & Settings >> Mails >> Mail Server Settings.




You will also be provided with a portal to view details of emails filtered, to whitelist email addresses & to check emails quarantined as spam.

4. How to track any missing incoming mail/outgoing mail?

If you suspect that any valid outgoing mail is not delivered, please contact Bytehouse support with following details

1. Sending email address
2. Recipient email address
3. Email sending time in GMT.

Bytehouse support will investigate & fix the issue.

If you suspect that any valid incoming mail is not delivered, you can either find the missed email from Bytehouse anti-spam portal.  You may also contact Bytehouse support for assistance.

5. How to configure my mail server/domains to use Bytehouse's outgoing anti-spam filter.

Outgoing spam filter is configured in mail server level. All mail servers will be allowed to direct outgoing emails via an external server called smart host or relay host.

When the outgoing spam filter is implemented using Bytehouse anti-spam service, the mail servers will need to be configured to use as a smart host. Bytehouse support will be implementing this change, so you do not need to worry about this configuration.

Domains with an existing SPF record will need to update their record to include

For more information please contact our representative at and we will gladly assist you with any questions and concerns you have. 

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