Procedure to purchase SSL Certificate from Bytehouse

In order to purchase SSL certificate from Bytehouse, please follow the steps given below.

1. Login to Control centre.

2. Select 'All My Domains' option from the drop down menu on the top right hand side of of the window.

3. Select the option 'Buy SSL certificate' under the 'Store' section.

4. Now you may choose the desired SSL certificate from the different options available (example: SSL123, SSL Web Server Certificate Wildcard etc.)

Please check the link given below to understand features of different SSL certificates provided by Bytehouse

5. Select the 'Subscription period' from the drop down menu.

6. Now provide the details under the SSL Configuration section. It includes:

 i.  Common Name (domain name) : Provide the domain name(example: '' or '' etc).

Note: SSL provided by Bytehouse is a SAN certificate. So, SSL purchased for will protect & Please note that SSL purchased for will protect only domain, it will NOT protect

ii.  Email address :

Note: replace with actual domain name.

iii. Organization contact details: Provide the details like Organization name, Organizational unit name, Locality (City), Country, State etc.

iv.  Bits: By default it will be 2048.

 v.  Approver Email Address :

Note 1: replace with actual domain name.

Note 2: This approver email address necessarily need to be a domain email address and it need to be one of the following.

If SSL is purchased for a subdomain, list of valid email addresses will be following.

vi.  Server Software Type: Select the server software from the drop down menu(example: Plesk, Microsoft Internet Information Server, Cpanel etc.)

vii. Number of servers : Select the number of servers from the drop down menu.

7. Now provide the 'Administrator contact', 'Billing contact', 'Organization contact' and 'Technical contact' addresses. If you wish to use the account data as administrative contact, Check the option 'Use account data' under the 'Administrator contact'. Similarly you may select the Billing, Organizational and Technical contacts to be same as the administrative contact by checking the 'Same as administrator contact' option under them.

8. Now click on the 'Checkout' option under the 'Shopping Cart' section to proceed to the payment of the SSL certificate.

9. You will receive an approval mail in the email address given as the 'Approver Email Address' and approve the mail by clicking on the link given in that mail.

10. After approving, you will receive the certificate via email to 'Administrator contact' & 'Technical contact' email addresses. You may forward the SSL certificate to '' for the installation of the SSL certificate for your domain.

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