What is the Difference Between Dedicated IP & Shared IP in Plesk?

What is the difference between dedicated IP & shared IP in plesk?

Plesk allows IP addresses to be either shared or dedicated. This determines whether more than one of your Plesk subscriptions can use the same IP address or not.

Shared IP address
The shared IP address allows you to run an unlimited numbers of websites through a HTTP connection.

Dedicated IP address
Ddicated IP addresses can only be assigned to a single website. It is commonly used for sites that require an SSL certificate installed on their website in order to run secure HTTPS connections.

To switch IP address between shared and dedicated, follow the steps given below.

1. Login to plesk panel.
2. Select 'Tools & Settings'.
3. Under the Tools & Resources section, select 'IP Addresses'.
4. To switch IP address between shared and dedicated, click the IP address.
5. Select option 'Shared' or 'Dedicated', then click  'OK' button.

The IP address will now be set to either shared or exclusive, depending on what you have selected.

For more information regarding Dedicated and Shared IP click on the link below: 


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