How to Delete a Software Firewall Rule

 If you are looking to delete a software firewall rule in Plesk, you will need to follow the steps below:

Delete a firewall rule in Plesk

1. Login to the plesk panel.
2. Select option 'Firewall' under 'Tools & Resources'.
3. Select 'Edit Firewall Configuration' under 'Tools'.
4. Select the firewall rule that you wish to delete by "checking" the box next to it
5. Click "Delete"
6. Then select all the rules and click on "Activate" icon under "Tools" to activate the changes made

Delete the firewall rule from the Server backend for servers without Plesk

A rule can be deleted from the server backend from Iptables based on what the rule does

iptables -D chain

iptables -D INPUT -s -p tcp --dport 101 -j ACCEPT

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