Steps to Add Administrator User for Windows Server

If you are looking to add an administrator user here are the steps you will need to take for windows server

1. Login to the server as administrator (account having administrative privileges)
2. Click 'Start' button, select 'Control panel'
3. Select 'User account'
4. Select 'Add or remove user accounts'
5. Select 'Create a New account'
6. Give a name to the account (eg: adminuser). This will be the username.
7. Choose account type as 'Administrator'
8. Click 'create Account'
9. Account will be created. Select the account.
10. Select 'create password'
11. Give password for the account created.
12. Select 'Create password'

The account has now been created and you will be able to login to the server with new credentials.

For further assistance, contact our representatives at, they are here and willing to assist. 

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