Backup Configuration & Legacy Backup Configuration in WHM

Web Host Management has two types of backups that are available which are Backup Configuration and Legacy Backup Configuration. To setup either of these configurations you will need to take the following steps:


1. Backup Configuration

2. Legacy Backup Configuration



These two types of backups are independent from one another and it does not make any sense to enable at the same time.

What we do need to accomplish is enabling either Backup Configuration or Legacy Backup Configuration as we need and as are comfortable with. 

Why do two backups exist?

 Legacy Backup configuration is the backup settings that originally were found in the old original version of WHM. When WHM evolved, a new kind of backup configuration replaced “Backup Configuration”.  At that specific time, WHM did not remove the old type of backup settings but instead renamed it as “Legacy Backup Configuration”.


1. Legacy Backup Configuration




When you click on Legacy Backup Configuration in the WHM system, you will see to your right that the backup status has been disabled.


2. Backup Configuration



When you click on the Backup Configuration in the WHM system, you will see that the Backup Status in Global Settings has also been disabled.

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2016-02-09 10:53
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