To Manage Backup Using Bytevault OBM in Windows

To manage your backup using the Bytevault OBM in Windows, follow the simple steps below.

 Go to start menu and  launch Bytevault OBM.

 2. Now you can do the following


To Take Backup

1.  To get backup select the 'Backup' tab. Now you should see the following.


 3. Select the backup set that you wish to receive and click 'ok'


To Restore Backup


1. Select the 'Restore' tab and you should see the following screen.


2. Choose the required backup set and click Next.

3.  Now you should be able to see the following

4. Choose the required date and the required backup.



5. Select  a restore destination. Make sure to also select "Restore permissions".

Note: 'Original Location' restore backup to folder from where backup is taken
       'Alternate Location' restore files to the custom location that you specify.

6. Press "Start Restore" to begin the process.



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