I Have Reached or Nearly Reached the Limit of My Backup Quota, What Do I Do?

To increase your backup quota, there are three things that you can do.

1. Ask us to increase your quota which will incur an extra monthly cost.

2. Use your web interface - http://backup.bytehouse.co.uk - which allows you to explore the files that you have backed up, and delete those which are on the server that you do not need to be stored.

3. Change the Retention Policy on your Backup software. This facility operates by retaining files that you have deleted from your laptop on the backup server for a default period of 7 days. You can reduce this to fewer days, but we would not recommend doing so. This is a very useful way of ensuring that you can restore files that you did deliberately delete on your laptop & then subsequently realise that you should not have done so! You have a 7 day grace period.

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2016-04-22 14:15
Nick Fawbert
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