Hotlink Protection in cPanel

What is hot linking?

Hot linking is simply a directly linking to files/images on your Website. For eg: Suppose a person uses URL of the image present in your Website in his code for his Website. Then that image is downloaded from your Website every time when someone looks at his site. So every time, it is your server feeding the files/images to them at the expense of your bandwidth.

Hot linking is a serious issue for Websites that contains many images. Often these sites experiences high traffic due to image searches and consumes your resources.

How can I enable hot linking protection in cPanel?

1. Login to cPanel and click HotLink Protection

2. Enter the domains that are allowed to use your files/images in 'List the URLs to which you wish to allow access' box. Please include both www & non-www variants

3. Enter the extension (separated by commas) that you wish to block direct access:


4. If you wish to allow the visitor to navigate to the URL in the browser but denying image linking through the code of a site, then check mark the option "Allow direct requests"

5. To redirect requests for certain content, enter the URL to which you want to redirect your visitor in the "Redirect the request to the following URL"

6. Click Enable at the top to enable HotLink Protection

 Sample settings are shown below:


To disable hotlink protection, click Disable.

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