Error Pages in cPanel


This option is used to set any customized error page for a domain that will be displayed while accessing the URL: domain.tld

The steps to set up a customized error pages for your domain are:

1) Login to cPanel

2) Click on 'Error Pages' under 'Advanced'



3) Select the domain for which you wish to assign the cutomized error page.


4)  Click on the error page you wish from the list shown. If your choice of error page is not seen, click on 'Show All HTTP Error Status Codes'


5) Enter a message on the text box shown.

Few HTML tags would be shown on top of the page.To display information on the error page about the visitor who accessed your site, click the appropriate tags for the information that you wish to display.

A description about few of the tags are given below:

> Referring URL: Lists the URL you came from

> Visitor's IP address: Lists the IP address of your site visitor

> Requested URL: Shows the URL you are attempting to access

> Server Name: Shows the name of the server

> Visitor's Browser: Lists the the visitor's browser type

> Redirect Status Code: This will display the error message code, such as 500, or 404, etc



6) Click 'Save'



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