MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade

MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade

1. Login to WHM.
2. Search for the “Software” section on the left-hand side.
3. Select "MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade".

4. Select the version of MySQL or MariaDB that you wish to upgrade and Click "Next". A new interface will appear with warning messages about the upgrade process.


5. Select the checkbox next to each warning to acknowledge that you are aware of the potential consequences of the upgrade and Click "Continue".


6. Select the type of upgrade that you wish to perform:


    Unattended Upgrade — This option automatically rebuilds Apache and PHP with the last saved defaults. It also automatically updates Ruby Gems and rebuilds Apache and PHP.

    Partially-Interactive Upgrade — This option automatically updates Ruby Gems, but it does not rebuild Apache and PHP until you choose to do so.

    Interactive Upgrade — This option steps you through the upgrade process. This process includes the update of Ruby Gems, the upgrade of MySQL or MariaDB, and the rebuild of Apache and PHP.

7. The upgrade process interface appears.

    Select or deselect the Autoscroll output checkbox to change whether the output display scrolls as the upgrade runs.

    When the upgrade finishes, the interface displays the following message:

8. Click Continue. Your server checks whether you must recompile any Ruby Gems. Follow the displayed instructions, and then click Continue.
9. Select one of the following options to rebuild Apache and PHP:

    Rebuild Apache and PHP using saved settings — Choose this option to rebuild Apache and PHP with the last settings that you used. If you choose this option, the Apache and PHP rebuild process runs within the MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade interface.
    Rebuild Apache and PHP with new settings — Choose this option to rebuild Apache and PHP with new settings. If you choose this option, the EasyApache 3 interface (Home >> Software >> EasyApache 3) appears so you that may complete the rebuild process.

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