Enabling Gzip compression for a domain in WHM / cPanel with EasyApache

Compression of a domain means sending out data from server to client in any compressed type. It is an effective way to save bandwidth and speed up your site.

To enable Gzip compression for the domains hosted in the server, the module called 'mod_deflate' must be present in the server.

If you have root access, you can enable  Gzip compression in the server by following the below steps:

1. Login to your WHM
2. Search for 'EasyApache' in the left menu pane and click 'EasyApache (Apache Update)'

3. Select “Previously Save Config” which is the last saved profile and then select 'Customize Profile' button as shown below:

4.Select the version of Apache and click "Next Step"

5. Select the version of PHP and click "Next Step"


6. Click 'Exhaustive Options List' at bottom

7.Check the option 'Deflate'


8. Click "Save and Build" at bottom

(You can also save this configuration Recompile Apache and PHP now? > Ok)

Note : Enabling Gzip compression means enabling mod_deflate.

Now, the desired domains have to be compressed from the cPanel by following the below steps:

1. Login to your cPanel.
2. Click 'Optimize Website' under 'Software and Services'

3. Check the option 'Compress All Content', if you wish to compress all the contents.
4. Check the option 'Compress the specified MIME types' , if you wish to compress specific files only like 'text/html text/plain text/xml'
5. Click 'Update Settings'

You can use the below link to verify compression:


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