How to get emails to root@hostname or in a cpanel/WHM server

cpanel/WHM will not allow to create a cpanel account with same name as that of hostname. If you try, you will get following error message.



Now, what could be done if you need to receive an email to root@hostname or ?


Tip: You need to get emails coming to root@hostname or to purchase an SSL certificate for hostname of WHM.


There is no direct option to get emails coming to root@hostname or, however it is pretty easy to get it.


Steps to get emails coming to root@hostname or in cpanel/WHM server

1. Login to WHM

2. Go to "Edit System Mail Preferences"



3. Here, we can see option to forward email of root@hostname or to any other email address of your choice as shown below.



Tip: It is also recommended to foward "cpanel's mail" also to a valid email address.


4. Now, there is a final step, we need to configure an MX record for hostname.


DNS can be edited from DNS zone of the main domain of hostname(Eg: here) as shown below.


I : Go to "Edit DNS Zone"


II: Choose zone

III: Setup an MX record as shown below.


Tip: There is a "." at the end of in both boxes :)


5. Now, you can receive emails to in the email address set in "System Mail Preferences" as root email


Tips: In a cpanel server, root will receive emails addressing following users as well.

postmaster@hostname, webmaster@hostname, abuse@hostname, hostmaster@hostname.

For a full list of users whom email are forwarded to root, please check /etc/aliases file in cpanel server.

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