I require an additional IPv4 address. What is Bytehouse's policy on this?

1 Introduction
The Bytehouse IP Address allocation Policy has been created with guidance from various Request For Comments documents (RFCs) and the existing policies of the RIRs from which Bytehouse obtains IP address allocations. See http://www.ripe.net/ripe/docs/ripe-530

Due to the dynamic nature of the internet, Bytehouse reserves the right to change this document at any time without prior notice. Please check the Bytehouse Knowledgebase for the latest version of this policy, as it will supersede all previous ones.


2. IP Allocation goals
Bytehouse distributes IP addresses, adhering to the strict agreement with RIPE, with three goals in mind, conservation (responsible conduct), routability and registration.

2.1 Conservation
The objective distribution of globally unique IP address space according to the operational needs of customers. Bytehouse tries to prevent stockpiling in order to maximize the utilisation of IP address space.

2.2 Routability
The distribution of globally unique IP address space in a hierarchical manner, which permits scalability in the internet routing table. The loan of IP address space by Bytehouse does not guarantee routability, due to other ISPs routing policies and/or technical problems.

2.3 Registration
Bytehouse is required by RIPE to provide information on which entity is using the IP space. Bytehouse documents the loan of IP addresses to a customer via it's internal asset management systems.

Bytehouse realises that conservation and routability can be conflicting goals. Bytehouse will review individual cases when there are conflicts to try to work out an appropriate compromise.


3. Guidelines for Customers
Bytehouse has developed the following guidelines that will be applied to customer requests for IP address space:

a) IP addresses are loaned for the duration of the customer's service with Bytehouse and can only be routed to Bytehouse's network. In the event that the customer terminates their hosting subscription with Bytehouse, the loaned IP addres space will be reclaimed by Bytehouse immediately.

b) At any time, Bytehouse may require a customer to justify its IP address usage. If the customer is unable to do so, its ability to obtain future loans may be jeopardised and its existing loan may be revoked.

c) IP addresses are loaned to customers using a "slow-start" process. New customers will receive a minimal loan based on their immediate [technical] requirement. Thereafter, the size of loaned IP address space may be increased based on the speed that the customer utilises all previously loaned IP address space.

d) Due to the limited availability of IP (v4) address space, the practice of assigning a unique IP address per website, domain and/or Email account is not permitted - this would contravene RIPE's terms and conditions and could result in Bytehouse's allocation being revoked.

e) When a customer requests an IP address space loan from Bytehouse that will be used for IP-based web hosting, the customer will need to provide technical justification as to why they are providing IP-based web hosting instead of name-based web hosting. Bytehouse is required to provide this information to the RIRs.


4. Documentation Required 
Before Bytehouse can make an additional IP address loan to a customer, the following documentation must be submitted by the customer. Bytehouse will not begin the IP address assignment process until all of the required documentation has been submitted.
If you require assistance in composing this documentation, the Bytehouse Technical Team will be more than happy to help - please submit a Trouble Ticket through your ControlCentre.

4.1 Existing usage
Documentation of existing IP address space usage. This shows how any space the customer has is currently being used, along with projections for the next 3 and 6 months.

4.2 Future usage
Documentation showing how the requested IP space will be used. This shows how the customer plans to use the space immediately, along with projections for the next 3 and 6 months.

4.3 Services
For customers requesting space for web/Email hosting, a list of IP addresses currently being used for these services, and a list of domains being hosted. If IP-based hosting is being done, a list of technical reasons why named-based hosting cannot be technically achieved must be included.


5. Usage of data
This information will be used by Bytehouse ONLY to justify the loan of IP addresses to a customer. The information may also be given to the RIRs if they request it as part of reviewing their loans to Bytehouse.


6. References
[RFC 2050] Hubbard, K., Kosters, M., Conrad, D., Karrenberg, D., and Postel, J.,

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