Steps to add rules in Plesk firewall

1. Log in to Plesk.

2. Select "Extensions" under "Server Management".

3. Select 'Firewall" under "Extensions Management".

4. Select the "Edit Firewall Configuration" icon at the top of the

    firewall section.

5. Click the "Add Custom Rule" icon.

6. You will be presented with a form to fill in. First,

     fill out the Properties section. In this example we are going

     to allow incoming connections on port 8447 for the Plesk updater.


Name of the rule: Name your rule that makes it easily identifiable.


Match direction: Choose the traffic direction you wish to apply the rule to.


  • Incoming: Traffic coming into the server.
  • Outgoing: Traffic going out of the server.
  • Forwarding: Redirecting traffic to use another port.


Action: Chose whether you wish the rule to Allow or Deny connections

on this port.

7. In the Ports section, specify the port number or a range of ports in

    the Add port or port range box. Select either TCP or UDP and click Add.

8. In most cases you will want to leave the sources section blank in order

   to apply your rule to the entire Internet. However, if you want to limit

   your rule to a single IP or a range of IP enter these values into the

  Add IP address or network box and click Add. Once you have completed

  all the fields, click OK.

9. Your new rule will now appear in the list of rules. However you will

    need to click on the   Activate icon under "Tools" to activate your changes in version

   11.5 (click on the  Apply Configuration under "Tools" to activate your

  changes in plesk version 10)


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