Steps to reduce CPU resource Usage

1. Use a Cache Plugin

2. Kill Spam

Use third party comment system

When things are critical or even if your blog has a high traffic,

you must adopt a third party comment system such as discuss, livefire or

Facebook/G+. When a reader/visiter submits a comment at your blog,

the system needs to insert the texts in your MYSQL database and

that creates a hell lot of load for CPU & if your DB is large or

if it is corrupted or if the system is getting multiple requests

simultaneously, things will go worse.


3. Stay Updated:

Never hesitate to update your Wordpress, plugins or themes.

On redular interval the developer find & fix the bug & release the

latest version of WordPress & its plugins/theme.

I strongly recommend you to stay updated with all the applications

/plugin/themes you are using at your Wordpress blog.


4. Remove unnecessary plugins



5. Reduce load on index.php file

  • Reduce the number of posts on homepage

  • Always use excerpts for displaying posts on homepage

  • Remove image files from homepage & unnecessary links

  • Would be better if you use a CDN service


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Sherin George
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