Steps to Restore Backup From Plesk

Here are the simple steps to restore any backup from Plesk. Just follow the instructions below and you will be on your way to a fast and easy restoration of your files/data/system. 


  1. Login to Plesk panel and click on "Domains".
  2. Select the specific domain that you require.

  3. Click on “Backup Manager” under “Websites and Domains” and click the "backup" icon. The Backup files repository page appears.

  4. Select the desired backup file from the list by clicking on its file name.

    The backup file information page will open, displaying the domain configuration to be restored.

  5. If desired, enter an e-mail and select the checkbox to

    enable the notification.

Select the IP address to be used for restoring the domain data.

       6. Click Restore.


Note : During backup/restore processes, the domain is

automatically switched off and all of its services are unavailable.


It is as simple as these 6 easy steps to restore the backup from Plesk. 

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2016-04-22 13:31
Sherin George
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