Ways to Prevent Spam

  1. Use a complicated email username.

  2. Never allow your email address to be posted or listed on a publicly

    available web page.

  3. Never open or read junk email.

  4. Use a spam filter.

  5. Never post to a newsgroup or email list using your private email address.

  6. If you are a contact for a registered domain, do no list your private email address,

    instead use a generic common mailbox for this purpose. 

    Create a public address such as "DNS@yourdomain.com" or


  7. Use a free Yahoo or Hotmail account as your public email address.

  8. If the junk mail level has gotten out of hand in your Inbox, consider

    changing your email address.

  9. Before you join a list, make sure the list owner or web master will

    not sell your address.



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