Steps to use FileZilla FTP client



  1. DownloadFileZilla client from the link “” and install

    it in your computer.

  2. Enter the domain name in the address field (you can also use the

    server's IP address)

  3. Enter the Username and Password for your account.

    (The FTP port is 21 and is filled in automatically)

  4. Click “Quickconnect” and the file listing will appear.

  5. The folders listed under “Remote Site” are the server folders.

    Double click on it.

  6. Then, select the files to be uploaded and drag-and-drop them to

    folders under “Remote Site” . Wait for the transfer to be completed.


NOTE: To use FileZilla behind a firewall enable

“Use the server's external IP address instead” option Under FTP>>Passive Mode.


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