Configuring E-mail account on android phone

You can configure E-mail account on android phone by following the below steps:

1. Select "Email" on your adroid phone.

2. Enter the "email address" and  "password" of the new account.


3. Select the desired "Type of account". POP3/IMAP/Exchange.

4. Enter the following incoming server details and click "Next".



   Incoming server POP - 995 (SSL) and 110 ( Non SSL)

   Incoming server IMAP - 993 (SSL) and 143 (Non SSL)

   Outgoing server (SMTP)  :  465 (SSL) and  25/587 ( Non SSL)

5. Enter the following outgoing server details and click "Next".


Please note that 'Incoming mail server' & 'Outgoing (SMTP) email server' will be normally '' for Plesk hosting.

If you have hosted your mails in 'Hosted Exchange' or Icewarp Merak Mail, then SMTP settings will be different.

In case if you are not sure about your SMTP settings, submit a Trouble Ticket to Bytehouse through your ControlCentre or ClientArea.

6. Give "account name" and "your name"


7. Now you can click the Email and check.

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