Configuration of Merak mail account on Windows phone devices.

You can configure Merak mail account on to your Windows mobile phones by following the below steps:

1. Tap 'Settings' from the 'Application Menu'

2. Select 'Email + Accounts'

3. Select 'Add an Account'

4. Select the option for 'Advanced Setup'.

5. Enter your Email address and Password and tap 'Next'

6. Choose 'Internet email'

7. Enter the following details:

   Account Name : <Your_account_name>  This account name will later appear on the phone
   Your Name : <Your_name>
   Incoming mail server :
   Account Type : IMAP/POP
   Username :
   Password : <your_password>
   Outgoing (SMTP) email server :

8. Tap 'Advanced Settings'


9. Check mark the options 'Outgoing server requires authentication' and 'Use the same username and password for sending mail'

10. If you want to encrypt all your communication, then check mark the following options

    Require SSL for incoming email
    Require SSL for outgoing mail


11. Tap 'Sign in' to complete the set up



 You have succesfully configured the Merak Email account on to your Windows Phone.


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2016-03-23 05:41
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