How to configure Merak mail account on android phone

You can configure Merak mail account on android phone by following the below steps:

1. Select "Email" on your adroid phone.

2. Enter the "email address" and  "password" of the new account.


3. Select the desired "Type of account". POP3/IMAP/Exchange.

4. Enter the following incoming server details and click "Next".


   Incoming server POP - 995 (SSL) and 110 ( Non SSL)

   Incoming server IMAP - 993 (SSL) and 143 (Non SSL)

   Outgoing server (SMTP)  :  465 (SSL) and  25/587 ( Non SSL)


5. Enter the following outgoing server details and click "Next".

6. Give "account name" and "your name"


7. Now you can click the Email and check.

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