How Do I Set Up Email Addresses for Our Domain?

To set up Email addresses, for example for '', please do the following;

1. Log into Plesk as 'admin'

2. Click 'Webspaces'


3. Next to '', click 'Switch to Webspace'


4. Click the 'Mail' tab


5. Click on 'Create E-mail Address' and follow the wizard through



6. On the ‘Create E-mail Address screen enter the left hand part of the email address in front of the ‘@’ symbol. Leave the ‘Mailbox’ selection checked / ticked. Select the mailbox size or leave it as that defined by the service provider. Set your password and click ‘Ok’. You will see that there is a tab labelled ‘Forwarding’ where you can forward emails received to another email address. With the ‘Mailbox’ checked copies of the email will be kept in the mailbox.  If however you want to use the address as a mail forwarder, uncheck the ‘Mailbox’ and this will forward all mail to another email address.



You can also find additional information on this subject by clicking the 'Help' link at the top of your Plesk Panel, or alternatively, visit the following link;


(Please note: screenshots are for Power User view, which will be different to that with Service Provider view)

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