Why Am I Still Unable to Log Into My FTP Accounts?


Unable to connect to FTP accounts on server


If you are having problems connecting to FTP accounts that you have on your server, there is one simple task you can perform first to try and resolve this issue.

Try setting your FTP client to 'Active' mode rather than 'Passive' in Filezilla;

Filezilla > Edit > Settings > Connection > FTP > Transfer Mode


1)      Click on Edit



And select ‘Settings’ and this will open the following dialog box in the ‘Connection’ folder.



2)      Click on the FTP sub-folder and you will see the ‘Transfer Mode’ settings.




It is automatically set to ‘Passive’ mode and all you need to do is to select the ‘Active’ option and click ‘Ok’.


3)Try connecting again now that the File Transfer Mode has been changed to ‘Active’. If you are still having difficulties in connecting to your FTP accounts double check the following:

1. Address of the Host you are using to connect
2. Username
3. Password


Make sure the host address, username and password you are using are correct.

If however your problem still persists please contact us to further troubleshoot this issue.





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