What is plesk action log & how to use it?

Parallels Plesk saves user actions in the internal action log stored in the Parallels Plesk database. You can get every activity record by log which had been done by Plesk. This is regarding every activity while its related every change done by Plesk panel's any user like reseller or client or any domain administrator.

This is a very simple way to trace what activity done on server by which user (user's IP). While its related to creation or deleting any domain, email id, database or modification of any quota or resource or any login or credentials changes. Any changes doing via Plesk, it will get into the log.

You may wish to keep track of actions performed by various users in the system. All actions will be recorded in a log file that you can download and view. Please follow the below steps:

1. Login to Plesk Panel.
2. Click "Settings" under "Server Management".
3. Click Action Log.
4. You can download all logs for a range of dates by first setting the start and end dates.
5. Click  Download button.
6. You can also empty the log file by clicking Clear Log.
7. Below, select all actions you want Plesk to log.
8. Choose the maximum number of days or entries to store, or click "Do not remove records".
9. Click OK.

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