Email Guidelines

1. Avoid creating catch all email accounts to grab emails coming to non existing email accounts.

You will receive lot of spam emails in such accounts. This will negatively affect server which hosts this catch all email accounts

2. Avoid creating forwarders to external email accounts like Gmail,, Yahoo etc.

Instead of forwarding, we recommend to use "POP email fetchers".

Guide for Gmail users:
Guide for users:
Guide for Yahoo users:

3. Do not send Unsolicited Business Email(UBE) or Unsolicited Commercial Email(UCE) or Spam. When you send News Letters, please ensure following.

1. Email subscriptions should be added via Confirmed Opt-In (COI) method.

When a new subscriber requests subscription to the mailing list, a confirmation email is sent to verify whether it was a genuine request. Unless the explicit step is taken to verify the subscriber's e-mail address by requesting to click a web link, it is difficult to establish that the e-mail address indeed belongs to the person who submitted the request to receive the news letter.

Confirmed Opt-In (COI) procedure helps to ensure that a third party is not able to subscribe someone else accidentally, or out of malice.

2. There should be a single click un-subscribe option in each news letter sent.

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