Steps to backup and restore domain in Plesk

Two types of backup are available depending on the location to which backup is stored :

1. Server Repository
2. Personal FTP Repository

Server Repository :

1. Log in to Plesk, click on Domains, select the domain you want to manage, click on Websites & Domains, then click on Backup Manager.

2. Click on the Back Up icon to open the backup settings.

3. Once the backup tool is opened, the first step is adding a prefix to your backup name. You cannot specify the full file name for the backup, only a prefix to help you find it later.

4. The default comment will be the creation date of the backup. Add any additional reference text you need in this field.

5. You can create a multi-volume backup, but this option usually is used when you backup on Personal FTP repository.

6. You can enter an email address for notification when the backup is complete. This is optional.

7. In the backup content section, you have two options:

a. Back up only the domain configuration - like users, accounts, etc.
b. Back up the domain configuration as well as its content – all files, folders, databases and emails.

If you select the second option, you will get a drop-down menu for further options:

a. Back up all configuration and content.
b. All configuration and content except mail.
c. Only mail configuration and content.

Select the option you require.

8. You can suspend the domain while creating the backup to avoid data loss in case there were changes made on the domain. This is optional.

9. Finally click on 'Back Up' to start the process. A message will inform you that the backup process has started. You can use the refresh button to check if the backup has finished.

To download the backup to your local computer, click the green circular icon at the end of the row. You can then use the Upload files to Server Repository option to upload a downloaded backup back to the server.

Back Up Domain Using Personal FTP Repository :

1. To back up a domain on a Personal FTP repository, follow the below steps :

1. Go to Home -> Domains -> -> Websites & Domains -> Backup Manager , and select 'Personal FTP repository' tab, and then click on the link Set up Personal FTP repository.

2. A new screen will appear where you have to enter FTP credentials for remote FTP server.

a. Put the IP address or hostname of the FTP server.

b. Set the directory where the backups will be stored. If you are not sure, leave the default “/” which is the root directory of the FTP.

c. Enter the FTP username and password.

d. If your remote server supports Passive mode (usually this is the default option), select the Use passive mode check-box.

e. To improve security, you can protect the backup with an additional password.

d. Once you are ready, click OK, and Backup Manager will establish a connection to the FTP repository.

3. Now click on the 'Back Up' icon to create a new backup.

4. The backup settings resemble those for the Server repository backup, but with two important options to consider.

a. Create multivolume backup - will divide the backup into multiple files of smaller size. This reduces the chance of the FTP server timing out due to transmission size.

b. Store backup in - should be set to Personal FTP repository.

5. When you are ready with the rest of the settings, click on Back Up. A message saying backup process started will appear. You can use the 'Refresh' button to check whether the backup is finished.

Scheduled Backup Settings :

If you wish to schedule the backup, you may do so with the 'Scheduled Backup Settings' option. To schedule a backup in Plesk, follow the below steps :

1. Go to Home -> Domains -> -> Websites & Domains -> Backup Manager , and click on Scheduled Backup Settings

2. In the new window, you will see a screen similar to the Server and Personal FTP repository settings, but with a Schedule section.

a. Check the box for Activate this backup task.

b. Set the Backup period – daily, weekly or monthly

c. Choose the start time. It is best to choose a low activity time for your server.

d. Next two options are similar to that described in Server Repository and Personal FTP Repository settings.

e. Set the 'Maximum number of backups in this repository' which will prevent filling up the local or the FTP server space with your scheduled backups.

f. Enter your email if you would like to receive notification if something goes wrong with the scheduled backup, and set the rest of the options according to your needs.

3. Click OK, the new scheduled backup will be set up. You will see a confirmation message.

Steps to restore backup from Plesk :

To restore a backup in Plesk, follow the below steps :

1. Go to Home -> Domains -> -> Websites & Domains -> Backup Manager

2. Choose the repository of the backup – either Server or Personal FTP repository – to list the available backups.

3. Click on the backup name from which backup needs to be restored.

a. Select the contents (domain configuration, virtual host content, mails or databases) that needs to be restored from backup.

b. If you wish to suspend the domain while restoration takes place, check the box beside 'Suspend domain until restoration task is completed'.

c. Enter an email address if you want to be notified when the backup restore process is finished.

d. Click Restore.

4. If you are trying to restore an existing domain, a screen with conflicts message with few options may appear.

You can choose either to use the configuration and data from the backup file, use configuration from the current system and restore only the data from the backup, or do not restore any objects that have conflicts.

5. Click Next. Then restoration process will start.

Time to complete restoration depends on the amount of data to be restored. Click on the 'Refresh link' to check whether restoration process has completed.

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