How to configure mails in ipad/iphone?

Please follow the steps given below to configure mail in IPAD.

1. Click on Mail icon

2. Select "Other" in the following page (If you want to configure other mail accounts).

3. Enter your email account information and click "Save".

You will be prompted for additional information.

4. For outgoing mail, under "Hostname" give the outgoing mail server.
For the domain '' use mail server as "".

5. Enter the mail account you want to configure in the field "User-name" and Password in the field "Password".

To configure the ports for your server, please go through the following steps.

1. Under mail settings, click on your account.

2. Go to the Outgoing Mail server, click on the SMTP option and click on the "Primary server".

The primary mail server should be "".

3. Turn SSL off and use the Port number of 25.

4. Select "Use Authentication" and enter your User Name and Password. Click "Continue" to proceed.

Please refer the below link for more details.


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