Steps for installing Plesk control panel in dedicated server

1. Remove Existing Versions of Apache,PHP, MySQL and Cyrus
   #yum remove http*
   #yum remove php*
   #yum remove mysql*
   #yum remove cyrus*

2. Disable SELinux status.
    #setenforce 0

3. Create a working directory.
    #mkdir /root/plesk
    #cd /root/plesk
4. Register and get the file location from
    # wget http://plesk_auto_installer_url

5. Give execute permission to auto installer file.
    #chmod +x plesk_auto_installer_filename

6. Execute the auto installer file.
    # ./plesk_auto_installer_filename

7. Select the version you want to install.

8. Select the desired options.

9. Enter the character "N" to continue the installation process.

10. After completing the installation process, open the browser and go to "https://ip-address:8443/"

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