How to Set Up Firewall Rules in Plesk

How to Set Up Firewall Rules in Plesk

1. Login to plesk panel
2. Select 'Extensions' Under 'Server Management' from the left menu.
3. Click on 'Firewall' link.
4. Select 'Edit Firewall Configuration' under 'Tools' section.
5. Select 'Add Custom Rule'
   i.Name of the rule: Give a name to the rule to identify it.

  ii.Match direction: Choose the traffic direction.

     Incoming: Traffic coming into the server.
     Outgoing: Traffic going out of the server.
     Forwarding: Redirecting traffic to use another port.

   i.Add port or port range: Add the ports  for which the rules has to be applied
  ii.Select TCP or UDP and click 'Add'

    Leave the sources section blank if you want to apply the rule to the entire Internet. However, to limit the rule to a single IP or a range of IPs enter the IP(s) into the 'Add IP address or network'box and then click 'Add'.

6. Click 'OK'

The rule will be listed in the set of rules. Inorder to activate the rule click 'Apply Configuration' icon.

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