Steps to install and enable watchdog in Plesk

Steps to install Watchdog


  1. Login to Plesk Panel.

  2. Select “Tools and Settings” under “Server Management”.

  3. Click “Updates and Upgrades under “Panel”.

    Note: (If they request for any login credentials give the username: root and the Password: root password)

  4. Under “Install or Upgrade Parallels Products” expand the + sign for “Additional Plesk extensions”.

  5. Select “Watchdog (System monitoring extension)” and click “Continue” to insatll WatchDog in your plesk panel.



Steps to enable Watchdog


1. Login to Plesk Panel.

      1. Select “Extensions” under “Server Management”.

      2. Click “Watchdog” under “Extensions Management”

      3. Select the required services and click “Enable” under Tools.


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