Steps to create FTP account

Steps to create FTP account

1. Login to the plesk panel.
2. Select 'Domains' on the left side of the pane.
3. Select the domain for which 'FTP user' has to be created.
4. Select 'Websites & Domains' tab.
5. Click 'FTP Access'.
6. Click 'Create Additional FTP Account' under the heading 'Tools'.
7. Enter the details of the account.
      FTP Account Name: Enter the name of the account
      Home directory: enter the path or else click 'Folder' icon to choose the path
      Password: Enter the password and confirm it
      Hard disk quota: Enter the quota limit or set it unlimited
      Give 'READ and WRITE' permissions to user if wanted by enabling the checkboxes
8. After completing, click 'OK' button

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