How to Configure an Automated/Scheduled Backup of Database in MySQL

When looking to configure an automated or scheduled backup of a databse in MySQL, all you will need to do is follow the instructions below:

1) Log into the SQL server management studio

2) On the left pane expand "Management" --> "Maintenance Plans"

3) Right click on "Maintenance Plans" --> "Maintenance Plan Wizard"

4) On the window "SQL Maintenance Plan Wizard" Click "Next"

5) Specify a name for the backup plan in the box titled "Name". Select "Single Schedule for the entire plan or no schedule". Click on the button "Change" against "Schedule" and specify the schedule to run the automated backup. Then click "Next"

6) Select "Backup Database (Full)" and click "Next". Click "Next" again in the next window

7) Against the entry for "Database(s)" click the drop down button and select the database for which you wish to schedule the backup. Ensure that the radio button "Create a backup file for every database" is selected. Against "Folder:" specify the path to which the backup has to be saved. The "Backup file extension" should be "bak" (enter this in the box) and click next

8) You can specify the location of the log file and also specify the email address to which the notifications should be send. Click "Next"

9) Verify the configurations in this window and click "Finish". 

For further information regarding configuration of scheduled backup of MySQL Databases, contact our sales representatives at 

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