How to configure Email account in Outlook Express

1. Open Outlook Express

2. Click Tools -> Accounts


3. Click Add -> Mail


4. An Internet connection wizard will appear, you can input a display name for you email account.


5. Enter your email address


6. Select the mail protocol and enter the mail server details. If in doubt regarding mail protocol, you can find out more details regarding mail protocol here. In short IMAP will keep the mails in the server and POP3 will download mails to your computer unless specified otherwise. We are choosing POP3, Please note that in this configuration, by default mails will be downloaded to your computer.

7. Enter the email login details and click Next

8. You will now be able to see the mails account under mail tab. To configure outgoing mail settings, click properties.


9. Ensure that My Server requires Authentication is checked click 'Settings'


10. Ensure that the Outgoing Mail Server is correctly configured.


11. If you wish to configure POP3 to keep the messages in the server, click the advanced tab and check 'Leave a copy of messages in the server'.

After configuring you will be able to view your emails in your Outlook Express.

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