Troubleshooting problems with Mail Client connecting to server.

Configuring your mail account in Mail Client can sometimes get tricky. Issues may vary depending upon the protocol you used to access mail, however following steps can help you understand where the issue lies.

  • Ensure that mail client configuration is correct. Some Mail Client configurations require the full email address( while some require only 'username'. Make sure that you have entered the correct username/password combo.
  • Ensure that mail server details are correct.
  • If you can receive mails but cannot send, it can be a problem with your Outgoing Mail Settings in your Mail Client. Make sure to enable Outgoing Mail Authentication. Sample settings for Windows Live Mail can be found in the following images. After checking 'My Server Requires Authentication', click 'Settings' to enter the username and password of your mail account.


  • Check whether your computer is blocked by the server firewall. You can check this by connecting to IMAP port of the server from your computer. To do this open terminal/command prompt in your computer and enter the following command.

telnet mail-server-ip 143

If you are getting a successfull connection message, then it means there is no connection issue from your computer to the server. If there is an error message, contact us with the error message you received and IP address from which you are trying to access. You can get your IP address from ''.

Feel free to contact us by opening a trouble ticket from your control center for any assistance.

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