Subscription expiry related email

Sometimes you may receive an email similar to following even when your Bytehouse VPS subscription & domain registration are configured with auto renewal option.

"The term of subscription '', owned by user ABCD (username 'admin') is about to expire.
The subscription and all related services will be deactivated by Aug 13, 2014 unless the subscription term is prolonged."

This message indicates that subscription of the domain configured in plesk of your VPS is configured with an expiry date as shown below.

You can view expiry date of a plesk subscription as given below.

1. Login to Plesk
2. Go to Subscriptions >> Domain name
3. Go to "General" Tab
4. Check "Renewal date".

If the plesk subscription is configured with "Unlimited" expiry date, "Renewal date" will be blank. If the plesk subscription is configured with a "expiry date", it will be given along with "Renewal date".

If a "Renewal date" is specified for a plesk subscription, please change it to "Unlimited" expiry date from "Customise" option as shown in above screenshot.

Note: In plesk 9, this option is located in Plesk > Domains > Domain Name > Statistics > Resource Usage

Please note that plesk subscription expiry date is configured when a new subscription is added to plesk. Please make sure that new subscriptions are setup with "Unlimited" expiry date.


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