Backups Available for Bytehouse Customers

 If you are looking for backup solutions through Bytehouse, here are a few solutions. 

1) For shared/reseller products, you may use Plesk Backup Manager for free, although any backups taken using it does count towards the hard disk space limit. It would be the responsibility of the end user to manage the backups taken through Plesk.

2) VPS customers have two choices of backup

a) Plesk Backup Manager may be used free of charge

b) Customers can purchase the backup product for their VPS providing them with up to 3 backup snapshots of their VPS

 3) ByteVault is a backup service for dedicated server customers only. What is backed up is configured in the web frontend ( which the customer will have access to. Customers are also able to restore data themselves.

for more information regarding Backups via Bytehouse, read our blogs and/or contact our team of experienced representatives at 


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2016-07-01 15:35
Sherin George
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